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The current management of vehicle claims doesn't reduce the time and cost of vehicle downtime and has a direct impact on the cost of insurance.


The number of actors involved in the management of a disaster makes its management long and complicated.

Green Light manages and monitors your claims effectively with a real-time, relevant global view of all their stakeholders on the same application to reduce repair and payment delays.

Through a single portal, your company will have a daily follow-up of its claims regardless of the number of actors involved in the repair of the vehicle until its total payment.

•Allows real-time analysis of the balance of claims.

•Acting on prevention with targeting

•Mastering TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

•Franchise management

•Recourse management

  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle downtime and costs

  • Reduction in vehicle downtime

  • Better management of capital costs

  • Minimum investment

  No infrastructure installation (SaaS mode)

    Marginal cost per vehicle

  • Better efficiency and productivity for your employees

Green Light Portal allows you to get rid of a complex management of claims operations while providing a clear and synthetic view of current claims with the possibility of a detailed report and encrypted one-click tracking.

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